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What could be the reason that my mobile device is unable to automatically reconnect or that a previously reliably supported function is no longer available in the usual manner?

Make sure that the Bluetooth® service is activated in the mobile device and in the vehicle.

If no automatic connection is established, check the display on your mobile device.

Some mobile devices require a confirmation for the current and subsequent connections. You will find further advice in the operating manual for your mobile phone.

If the mobile device fails to connect automatically even after several attempts, it may be possible to solve this by switching the mobile phone off and on completely, by briefly removing the battery or resetting the mobile phone to the factory settings.

However, before resetting the mobile phone, you’re strongly advised to back up your data.

Please consult the operating manual for your mobile device in this connection. Also check whether the registration information is still present in both the vehicle and in the mobile device. If this is not the case, delete the remaining registration entries and carry out the registration procedure again.

If no permanent or stable connection is established (e.g. repeated interruptions of the Bluetooth® connection), in the majority of cases this is due to a hardware error in the mobile device or in the data stored on the mobile device (e.g. telephone book entries, text messages, call lists, etc.) In such cases, it is recommended that you reset the mobile device to the factory settings after carrying out a data backup if necessary.

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