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In general, do I have greater benefits if I apply with my main bank for the loan and then pay for the MINI in cash?

Not at all. On the one hand, MINI Financial Services offers very attractive rates. On the other hand when choosing contracts such as MINI Select you have the option of returning the car to MINI Financial Services − an option which your local bank is not able to offer.

Comparative calculations show that customers actually benefit from choosing MINI Financial Services*. Another advantage is that MINI Financial Services is a trustworthy partner for all car-related and financial matters. Unlike your local bank, MINI Financial Services is able to offer additional services, such as service & maintenance or insurance products. These services are 100% tailor-made for your car and your individual needs. Local banks argue that paying for a car in cash results in a higher discount at the dealer compared to leasing or financing. In the case of MINI, however, this is not true, as our dealer might offer the same discount for cash or lease customers.

* Learn more and find out which financing suits you best. Use our ""Lease vs. Loan"" or ""Cash vs. Financing"" tools for your individual comparative calculation."

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