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How is a MINI recycled?

Recycling begins with the monitored return of the MINI to an approved take-back point or dismantling facility. Contact your MINI dealer to locate these approved places which can issue the certificate of destruction necessary for finally deregistrating the MINI.

Recycling begins with the neutralisation of airbags and other pyrotechnical components. Then the air conditioning system refrigerant and the brake fluid are extracted, the cooling water and the engine and transmission oil are released and the fuel is pumped off. The different liquids are poured into separated containers and then processed or recycled in specialised plants.

Once the MINI has been drained of fluid, those parts and materials that are suitable for recycling are dismantled. The remains of the dismantled MINI are reduced to palm-sized pieces at a shredding plant and then sorted. Plastics, textiles, iron and non-iron metals will be recycled further.

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