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What maintenance and servicing offers are available for the MINI?

"MINI Service is aided by the latest computer-based analysis and diagnosis techniques. One of the important components is the so-called ""key reader"", which stores all the significant vehicle data, such as Vehicle Identification Number and mileage.

An additional service reminder is available directly in your MINI cockpit in the form of the service interval display or Condition Based Service (CBS), which will remind you when the next service appointment is due.
MINI maintenance offers the efficiency and reliability in keeping with BMW Group standards.

Thanks to MINI Service Inclusive – the excusive range of services for your MINI − you no longer need to worry about servicing and maintenance costs. Within the contractual period or distance specified, you can make use of all available services − as often as you like, irrespective of the number of repairs that are necessary.

MINI Service Inclusive packages are valid at all participating MINI dealerships, MINI contract partners and MINI Service authorised repair shops. If the utmost comfort and flexibility are one of your Must-haves, then MINI Service Inclusive is just the ticket.

The most important benefits include:

Reliable services for a one-off payment

Top-quality work carried out by MINI Service experts

The guaranteed use of Original MINI Parts and state-of-the-art diagnosis

Maximum safety for your MINI

Excellent chances of getting a high resale value for your MINI

During the contractual term, MINI Service Inclusive packages can be transferred to any new owner, which helps to boost the resale value of your MINI.

MINI Service Inclusive can be combined with different durations and distances, so that it meets all your personal servicing needs and wants.

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