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How is MINI helping to reduce CO2 emissions?

At MINI, the reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption is a top-priority issue.

A number of features have been introduced to reduce fuel consumption, including:

Brake Energy Regeneration.

Shift Point Display (to help select the most fuel-efficient gear at just the right time.

Auto Start/Stop function (switches off the engine in almost every situation when the MINI or MINI Clubman is stationary).

On-demand technologies, including a volume-regulated oil pump, a switchable water pump and electromechanical power-assisted steering (EPAS) instead of hydraulic steering.

Twin Power Turbo engines which are more fuel efficient than compressor-based technology.
Friction-optimised lightweight engines.

New 3- and 4-cylinder Twin Power Turbo engines with turbo charging, direct injection, fully variable E27valve control, variable camshaft control.

Improved aerodynamics.

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